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I'm not just a blogger, a copywriter, social media guru or SEO expert; I'm all those things and more. I'm the developer of an online marketing ecosystem that really can help your business to prosper ...

I've been working with the Internet for 21 years and published my first website way back in 1994. I started blogging in 2005 when I was working in the USA and wrote about my experiences of the places I visited in my free time.

"I embraced email marketing and social media early on as a way to get my words out there!"

My initial efforts with blogging morphed into a commercial product on my return to the United Kingdom, and I've added functions and features that combine the best of WordPress, Hootsuite and MailChimp, but with a lot more stability, security and sophistication.

And the great thing about my online marketing ecosystem is that I do most of the work for you! My clients get a blog with me and I can write, edit and publish their blog posts, set up various marketing messages and share them daily on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and I'll even look after a client's mailing list and send out their mailer each week.

So you need not get wrapped up in all that time-consuming, sometimes confusing, far too technical, I'm just too busy, it isn't working for me so why am I bothering, oh my goodness, what have I just posted, online marketing stuff!

Here's more about what I do:

  • Business Blogging

    The core of everything! You know you should be doing it but there's such a steep learning curve and can you really afford the time and the commitment to do it right? With my blogging service, I can do it all for you!

  • Website Design

    My online marketing platform is very flexible in its design and if you want a website wrapping around your blog then I can help you. I'll adjust the layout, match your branding and add all the pages you need. I can even copy write the content and optimise it for SEO to ensure a good ranking.

  • Social Media

    Social media takes consistent effort to make a difference. My online marketing platform makes it easy for you to share your blog posts, though if you want me to do it for you, I can share a range of interesting posts to your social media profiles every working day of the week.

  • Email Newsletters

    Creating and sending an email newsletter each week is quite the commitment and it's very easy to fall foul of spam traps and get your email address blacklisted. Don't worry, when I prepare and send your mailer, I'll ensure that doesn't happen and I'll even set up those awesome delayed pop-up boxes to help grow your subscribers.

  • Marketing Videos

    Video is becoming more and more popular and is a great way to improve your SEO by keeping visitors on your website for longer. And it's another great thing to share on social media because it tells people exactly who you are and what you do in under 3 minutes. I can create slide-based HD videos for you which you can embed on your website and share to social. They're great for people who don't want to stand in front of a camera rabbiting on about themselves.

  • Business Portraiture

    I've always loved photography and I can take your picture at my own Studio, your offices or at a venue of your choice. You'll be proud to use my images of you across your social and web channels.

  • Other Technical Stuff

    Getting a domain is easy but looking after the DNS and ensuring it's renewed each year can be a pain. I can look after your domain for you and will set up and look after your device synchronised business email on Microsoft Exchange or Google Business Gmail if you need me to. And if you're a client then feel free to call me and ask about anything to do with the web or social and I'll always be happy to help.

So if I can do all that for you, what do you need to do? How about sending me your 'raw thoughts' each week for me to turn into a finished, polished blog post? And ok, yes ... I can write them if you really want me to! Then you monitor what's going on using your secure dashboard and engage with people who get in touch by phone, email and via social media.

"I do all the work and you get all the glory? What's not to like about that?"

I have many loyal clients who have worked with me since the start of my business back in 2011. Ask any of them and they'll all say that outsourcing to me was their single best marketing idea they could have had!

And I'm someone you can know, like and trust; someone authentic who'll never flannel you with jargon or make false promises. I really do know what I'm doing and I have the same level of passion and commitment for my business that you do for yours.

Remember, I'm not just a blogger, a copywriter, a social media guru or SEO expert; I'm all those things and more. I'm the developer of an online marketing ecosystem that really can help your business to prosper!


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Daniel Bennett says ...

Daniel Bennett

"I write it, Steffi edits it, I approve it, job done; week in week out. If you're in business you really should blog and Steffi's the girl that can make it happen."

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