Steffi Lewis, Queen Of Blogs

Steffi Lewis, Queen Of Blogs

More than just a blogger ...


I'm not just a blogger, a copywriter, a social media guru or SEO expert; I'm all those things and more. I'm the developer of an entire blogging ecosystem that really can help your business to prosper ...

Everyone knows that business blogging is great for your domain's SEO, raises your profile on social media, keeps customers and clients informed, builds trust with prospects and establishes authority within your business networks.

"So why isn't everyone doing it?"

Well, time mostly, though it does require some technical skills to get right. When you're 'do it yourself' blogging it's also difficult to stay motivated and stick to a regular publishing schedule! The death of a blog is always a sad thing to see and it could have been so different with my help.

If you're looking for an immediate return on your investment then I'd recommend Google Ads, but if you want to build a solid reputation, grow an audience and become the 'go to guy' (or girl) in your business networks, then blogging is the single best marketing idea you can have.

How do I know? I've been running my own blog since 2005 and have built a thriving and successful business around doing the same for my clients. They're all small business owners, just like you. Call any of them and they'll say the same thing: they love blogging with me!

I started my blog when I worked in California, photographing and writing about the places I visited in my free time. I wanted a way to differentiate myself from others, so instead of just publishing pictures, I wrote about my experiences too. What I could see, how it made me feel, what I liked and disliked about a place; I included it all, and my readership really took off because of the honesty in my writing.

When I got home to the UK, I offered those same skills commercially and have built a client base of forward-looking, small business owners, just like you, who recognise that putting blogging at the heart of their online world will help their business to prosper.

"And I can do the same for you too!"

As you've probably guessed, I love what I do and I'm very, very good at it. This is more than just a job, even more than a vocation. It's a way for me to combine a diverse range of complimentary skills I've learned in over 21 years working with the Internet.

What I do is not just writing, sharing and publishing for my clients, it's also about developing the functional and powerful content management system that all my client's websites and blogs run on.

My blogging platform combines the best of Wordpress, Mailchimp and Hootsuite and I use it every day to get my client's words out there, to get them read, to get them shared and to get them engaged with.

"So if I do 87.4% of your blogging for you? What do you need to do?"

Not much actually. How about spending just 20 minutes a week composing your raw thoughts? Send them to me by email, and I'll take care of everything else for you. You can't get any simpler than that, can you?

Once your finished blog post is published, I'll share it, you'll share it, my other clients will share it; well, I believe that what I do for you could save you up to five hours a week. How valuable would that be to your business?

If you want to start blogging with me, here's what to do next!"

First of all, tell me what return you want on your investment, so I can be sure to monitor the right numbers. Then choose a blogging package from my price list, make a simple tweak to your DNS settings (I'll tell you how), let me build your blog to match your brand, and then choose what day of the week you'd like to be published on.

Remember, I'm not just a blogger, a copywriter, a social media guru or SEO expert; I'm all those things and more. I'm the developer of an entire blogging ecosystem that really can help your business to prosper.

My name is Steffi Lewis and I am the Queen of Blogs.

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"SMEs should be blogging to build authority with their audiences. If you agree and need help to do this professionally and to schedule, I wholeheartedly recommend Steffi Lewis, Queen of Blogs."

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