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Welcome To Steffi Lewis Online!

I've always believed that blogging is the perfect marketing channel and after publishing precisely 5,247 blog posts for my clients, I still hold that to be true. I want to share the power of blogging with as many future-looking small business owners as I can!

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How to make blogging work for you!

Running a blog yourself needs time, effort, consistency and a huge degree of quality to turn it into the perfect marketing channel.

Publish a new blog post each week and boost your website's SEO organically
Share them regularly to social media to raise your profile online
Email them to your customers and clients, and you'll keep them loyal

Add these extras to your blog and further your cause

Use a contact manager to organise the details of everyone you meet
Shoot testimonials, how-tos and case studies to build trust with prospects

Regular blogging, sharing and emailing, combined with good contact management and shooting quality videos will create the perfect marketing channel for your small business!

But what if you can't give blogging the attention it needs?

From my experience, small business owners don't have the time, the inspiration or even the inclination to give a blog the attention it needs to become the perfect marketing channel. If that resonates with you, how do you make blogging work for your business?

It's simple: I do it for you! Right now, I'm working with 15 future-looking small business owners and have capacity for many more! Just send me your raw thoughts each week (or ask me to write the whole thing for you) and get finished, polished blog posts published on a beautiful, custom blog each week.

Optionally, I can share your blog posts (and a pile of other great content) on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, and even email them to your mailing list. I can organise your contact database and shoot quality videos such as testimonials, how-tos and case studies.

I offer everything you need, all in one place, all done for you, on a simple monthly subscription. The pricing is great, the terms sensible, and you won't find anyone else who does what I do, quite the way I do it.

You never know. Blog post 10,000? It could be yours!

My own latest blog posts

I always like to practice what I preach and blog weekly myself. Here are the latest few blog posts I've published

A Closer Look: My Core Blogging Service

You've heard about blogging, but it seems like a lot of work, doesn't it? What benefits will it bring and why should you work with me?

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16 Top Tips For Better Business Blogging

Many people start blogging with the intention of driving traffic to their website or increasing overall brand awareness ...

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Everyone wants to increase interest in their brand and business blogging is great at that. It offers a whole wealth of benefits ...

Super September: What's Your Plan For The Month?

In August, I reined things in and spent time concentrating on projects. Now we're in September, things are going to be different ...

Space: When Did You Last Look Up?

Space is so massive that we can't even comprehend the distances involved in getting from one star to another ...

Being A Video Editor: Finishing Other People's Clips

Something I've been doing for a number of months is being a video editor and finishing other people's clips. They film it, I finish it ...

10 Top Tips For Better Business Video

From blog posts to direct adverts, no medium has inspired people to stop scrolling on social media more than business video ...

The Courage To Follow Your Dreams

Are you anything like Felix? Do you have the courage to jump from the corporate world and follow your dreams?

What do my client's think?

I know I offer great value and can benefit any small business, but you don't have to take my word for it. What do the Stefferati think about what I do?

Keith Haynes

"Working with Steffi is an awesome way of getting your brand known. It's great value for money and you always get a service with a smile ..."

Maureen Windridge

"From a client's point of view, Steffi's blogs are easy to use, but if you make a mistake she is helpful, patient, and always contactable ..."

Daniel Bennett

"SMEs should be working to build authority with their audiences. If you need help to do this professionally and to schedule, talk to Steffi ..."

What makes me different from everyone else?

After college, I started in the computer industry back in the late 80s and got a good grounding in IT. Watch this video to find out what happened next

I'm hugely experienced, I know what I'm talking about, and yes, I really can make blogging the perfect marketing channel for your small business!

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