I can save you up to 10 hours a week by doing
your online marketing for you

Online marketing takes time and effort to get right and has a steep learning curve, but for my clients, I make it easy for them to get their words of wisdom in front of their target audiences.

That's because I'm not just a blogger, a copywriter, social media guru or SEO expert, I'm all those things and more!

I'm the creator of a fully managed online marketing ecosystem that can help any small business to prosper.


I've combined the best of Wordpress, Hootsuite and MailChimp, all in one solution, and it's absolutely unique in the marketplace.

If you'd rather be working for your customers and clients than spending countless hours doing online marketing for yourself, let me do it for you!

Everything I do is priced for sole traders, small businesses and entrepreneurs, and there's no lengthy commitment.

Blogging is at the very heart of everything I do

(this is how it works)

I'll build you a blog that sits under your domain

Then send you regular email reminders to get writing!

Jot down your raw thoughts and email them over to me

I'll edit your words for spelling, grammar and SEO

And find a eyecatching licensed image to go with it

I'll add the bells & whistles to turn it into a blog post

And publish it on your blog the very next morning!

I share it, you share it, many of my other clients share it!

Then you respond to comments, phone calls and emails!

What do my clients, the Stefferati, say?

(they're a very loyal bunch)

Maureen Windridge

"From a client point of view, Steffi's platform is very easy to use, but if you make a mistake she is helpful, patient, and most importantly, contactable"

Maureen Windridge

Claire Robinson

"Blogging with Steffi works well for Extra Help. It's upped our social profile, brought us new franchisees and encouraged others to find out more"

Claire Robinson

Andrew Spencer

"Steffi's own platform is so easy to use; the reach is great and the editing services are fantastic, really boosting SEO & helping to grow my readership"

Andrew Spencer

Get started with one of my great looking blogs

(don't forget your expansion packs)


Weekly blog post editing, basic colour scheme and branding, full social integration, dashboard to monitor every aspect of your blog. Single contributor



I'll create a design to match your website and include a custom 0333 phone number to track your phone enquiries. Includes multiple contributors



I'll search Google for interesting blog posts, latest news articles and other content. Fully validated and checked then added to your blog for you to share




I'll connect to your Facebook page, your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and share blog posts, messages, testimonials and news up to 5 times each working day



I'll build a mailer each week, based around your latest blog post, and send it to your subscribers later on your publication day, including a call to action



If you don't have the time to jot down your raw thoughts, let me know what you want me to write about each week and I'll create the whole thing for you!


Here comes the obligatory small print

(thankfully, there's not much of it)

Get the core blog then pick and choose the expansion packs that you require.

Pricing shown is for a month-by-month subscription.
There are no upfront fees and no minimum term.
Invoicing on the 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st or 28th of each month.

All invoices are due payable on receipt and are delivered electronically.
You can pay via standing order or use your credit/debit card at paypal.com.

There is no VAT due on any of my services.

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Claire Robinson


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If you'd rather be working for your customers and clients than spending countless hours doing online marketing for yourself, let me do it for you!

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