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What Exactly Is A Business Blog?

When I talk to new clients, and before I even get to the reasons why is awesome, I have to explain what a blog is.

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In a nutshell ... a blog is a website. However, it's one that is very specific about what it does. It stands apart from your existing one-way sales and marketing materials and can even be separate from your own formal company website.

"It's designed to enable a two-way conversation between you and the people most important to your business ... your customers!"

You can create a very personal connection with them, which in turn builds customer loyalty and ensures a good working relationship grows between you. You also get immediate feedback ... good or bad ... via comments, messages and shares on their favourite social networks, so if you're prototyping a new product or service, what's not to like about blogging?

Blogs are normally organised into Date and/or Category order. This means that visitors can easily find what they're looking for within a couple of clicks. Throw in a simple search engine, well-formed keywords for each post, and well-written sensory based writing ... and you've got a blog that is easy to find, easy to use and easy to keep reading ... and then you and your brand stays in the mind of your customers!

And Google will love your blog because it is regularly updated. For specific keywords, it's really quite easy to push your blog up through the rankings, quickly and easily until you're on the first page ... and that makes a big difference to your brand exposure. No expensive SEO dark arts required ... just good solid web experience, common sense and a total belief in what we do for you.

A website is about your company, and in the main, it's written by sales and marketing people, normally in quite a formal way. A blog by the MD of the same company can be more informal, more relaxed, sometimes even humorous ... but that's when people start to trust you and really listen to what you have to say.

How do you think that personal connection, combined with a strong degree of trust in your knowledge and a perception of you being at the top of your industry would affect someone's buying strategy? Do you think it would make it easier for you to sell to them if, when you shook hands for the very first time, they said, "I read your blog! Some awesome stuff in there!"

Now, wouldn't that be a great icebreaker?

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I'm an award-winning entrepreneur and the founder of With a 25 year career in the IT industry, I created our business blogging service to help the self-employed, small business owners and solo entrepreneurs to raise their profile online.

I like good friends, cats, good filter coffee, fast bikes, my iStuff, Jimmy Choo, Jaeger, Mercedes, rock music, Sci-Fi, Chinese food, wine, chocolate and people who make me laugh hysterically.


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