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The Divisive Nature of Artificial Intelligence

And how we can improve its image ...


Posted by Steffi Lewis on 01/12/2023 @ 8:00AM

As a society, we have always been fascinated by the concept of AI. From the early days of science fiction to the current advancements in technology, it has captured our imagination and sparked endless debates ...

Let us embrace AI and work towards a Bicentennial Man future rather than a Terminator one!

Let us embrace AI and work towards a Bicentennial Man future rather than a Terminator one!

created by dall-e / open ai

Recent developments in AI have brought to light its potential to solve some of the world's most pressing issues, such as climate change and diseases. This has led to a divide among people, with some embracing the possibilities of AI while others fear its consequences.

"One of the main concerns surrounding AI is
its impact on the job market!"

With the rise of automation and machine learning, many fear that AI will take over human jobs, leading to mass unemployment and economic instability. While it is true that AI will replace some jobs, it will also create new ones. According to a report by PwC, AI is expected to create 7.2 million jobs in the UK by 2037. These jobs will require a different set of skills, and it is crucial for individuals to upskill and adapt to the changing job market.

Another concern is the portrayal of AI in popular culture, particularly in movies like the Terminator franchise. These depictions often paint a dystopian future, where machines turn against humans and start wars.

Governments around the world have also started to recognise the need for regulation and control over Artificial Intelligence and I really do believe this is a good thing. In the UK, the government has launched the AI Sector Deal, which aims to boost the growth of the AI industry while also addressing ethical concerns.

The European Union has also proposed a set of ethical guidelines for AI, including transparency, human oversight, and accountability. These regulations will not only ensure the responsible use of AI, but also help improve its public image.

Furthermore, the concept of the three laws of robotics, introduced by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, can also play a significant role in promoting the positive impact of AI:

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human
    being to come to harm

  2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders
    would conflict with the First Law

  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not
    conflict with the First or Second Law

By incorporating these principles into the development and use of AI, we can ensure that it is used for the betterment of humanity.

Beyond regulations and laws, there are other ways we can improve the image of AI. Education is key in dispelling fears and promoting understanding of AI. As a web developer, I have seen the power of AI in enhancing user experience and making processes more efficient. By educating the public about the potential benefits of AI, we can shift the narrative from one of fear to optimism.

Moreover, collaborations between AI experts and other professionals can also help improve its image. By working together, we can create AI solutions that address real-world problems and showcase their positive impact.

For example, AI can be used to analyse large amounts of data to identify patterns and potential solutions for climate change. By highlighting these success stories, we can change the narrative surrounding AI and promote its potential for good.

And even on a smaller scale, the AI that I'm working on will save my subscribers a whole lot of time in their busy day. Why write a blog post, cold outreach email or a set of tweets ready for scheduling when you can just point my AI at your website and instruct it to do it for you? A few tweaks and you're good to go.

As much as I love AI, I realise there are valid concerns surrounding its use, its impact on society and the direction of its development. But it is also crucial to recognise its potential to benefit society. As a web developer, I have witnessed the advancements in AI and the positive impact it can have on various industries.

On a final note, this entire blog post was generated by YourAI (the AI system I'm developing) from the phrase, ''The divisive nature of AI and how we can improve its image''. The leader image above was AI-generated in YourAI based on the text originally generated and so was the audio version you can listen to.

I then edited it all myself to create the finished blog post in a quarter of the time it would have taken me without YourAI's assistance.

What I'm saying is that AI is good for heavy lifting, for speeding up boring, manual, and repetitive processes, and for fleshing out ideas and concepts that we can then run with, but you still need a human to finish it off. And to me at least, is the future of AI I'm hoping for ...

... one that helps and supports us, rather than replaces us.

Love, light and logic ...



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