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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 26/01/2024 @ 8:00AM

Since I launched YourAI at the beginning of the year, I've had a lot of great feedback from my growing user base. There's been the odd tweak and suggestion here and there to improve the interface, though I'm always looking for new functions and features to build into the platform ...

Ok, Chatbots may not be that advanced yet, but we're getting there!

Ok, Chatbots may not be that advanced yet, but we're getting there!

created by yourai using chat gpt and dall-e

I have this thing about disappearing into the matrix for an afternoon. I did it with the AI Business Card Scanner in YourPCM last summer and yesterday afternoon I did it with Chatbots too.

I was reading a blog post about ChatGPT's new agents and after playing around with them decided that they were a little too complicated for my users right now because you had to upload files with your questions and answers and it would be a pain to do that every single time someone made a change.

"Not saying I couldn't do it, but I wanted
to find a simpler way!"

Then another blog post led me to a ChatGPT-sanctioned way of doing it and I was hooked (hence not surfacing until after it went dark and I started getting hungry). This simpler version created a popup window in the bottom left or right corner of your browser window using a single line of JavaScript.

It would then take a prompt full of questions and answers and apply it directly to ChatGPT for the user to converse with. No messing about with agents, no threads to set up, no uploading of files ... just a raw conversation with the AI in a little window.

I know how to make this work because that's how the rest of YourAI works with clever prompt creation, so this weekend I shall be writing a new feature for YourAI which lets a user set up multiple chatbots to appear in different places around their website. So, you could have one on your homepage which would be sales-related stuff, and one elsewhere to offer support and some simple training on more technical pages.

Once created, my user simply needs to enter a load of questions and answers, choose a colour scheme, and an Icon to display then decide if they want it aligned left or right on the screen. I may take a look at changing the font face and size as well.

Drop the single line of code into your website and away you go. And if you need to update the questions and answers in the chatbot, then you simply update YourAI with the new words and click update then it's immediately live and ready for the next conversation.

I always say that a SaaS app needs a killer feature built-in. I was hoping with YourAI it was the Avatar generator, but that's still a work in progress. I believe that quick and easy Chatbottery really is going to be it!

I just need to figure out how to bill for it now as I can't deduct tokens each time it's used by a website visitor or my users would burn through their tokens within a few days. I may have to create a simple subscription model instead, or start working in fractions of a token.

It'll be implemented inside YourAI first, so watch this space.

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