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YourAI Is Finished And In Testing!

Well, that was a long, hard slog ...


Posted by Steffi Lewis on 12/12/2023 @ 8:00AM

It's Tuesday the 12th of December 2023 and I'm pleased to say that version one of the YourAI module for YourPCM is finished and is now in testing. It's been a long, hard slog to get it to do what I want it to do ...

Yeah, I'm a massive sci-fi nut, but you already knew that didn't you? YourAI created this!

Yeah, I'm a massive sci-fi nut, but you already knew that didn't you? YourAI created this!

created with yourai using dall-e/open ai

Firstly, I guess you need to know what it does! Well, when I started coding, the heart of the system was simply going to be the creation of blog posts. But it's grown since then. Anyway, here's what YourAI can do:

  • A Blog From Text Creator

    Simply type in a concept, give it as much guidance as you like and hit create. For example, "Why are leaves green?" and "Explain the science to a 10-year-old" and that's all you need. A few seconds later you have a piece of text you can use as your blog post.

    Just copy it out and paste it into a new blog post on your website and go to the next stage. That's creating a metaphor image ... from realistic to steampunk ... just hit create and seconds later there's your image.

    Then you can generate a bunch of Further Reading links (some people like including outbound links) and even create an audio version to enhance your reader's experience. We've even included the code you need to get the audio version into your finished blog post.

  • A Blog From URL Creator

    Almost the exact same features as Blog from Text except this time you enter the URL of someone else's blog post. This is ideal for articles on news websites, and it will extract the text from it and then write your version with no plagiarism of the original.

  • A Social Media Shares Creator

    Once you've got your blog post published then it's time to create a whole bunch of social media shares for it. Just enter the finished public URL and hit create for tweets, Facebook short shares and LinkedIn long shares.

    You can include emojis and hashtags if you'd like. YourAI will create 8 of each for you then you can hit the share, button to get them all scheduled via which gives you 3 channels for free so won't cost you a penny to get sharing.

  • General Images Creator

    Enter what you want and hit create and you get what you want, within limits. YourAI, and the underlying DALL-E engine will not let you create anything illegal or immoral so no nudes or sexy stuff. It will just return an error if you try.

    However, simply typing in "A dog in a canoe" will create exactly that for you, in landscape (wide), portrait (tall) or square (um, square) formats at a high resolution. You have a lot of freedom here to ask for what you want, and the images are stored in YourAI for as long as you like.

  • A Freeform Text Creator

    Ask YourAI to create whatever text you want and it will do it, however we have a number of simple prompts you can include so type in a block of text and let YourAI work its magic on it. From a precis and other summaries to the perfect cold outreach email or press release, YourAI can do it for you. It'll even write jingles for you.

  • An Avatar Image Creator

    Oh I love the avatar system. I've added a whole load of settings to cover gender, expression, hair, makeup (facial hair for men) as well as outfits and background. Choose what you want and hit create and it'll give you a fantastic image you can use all over social media to represent you.

    Now, I understand that I'm going to have to add more settings in future for things like face shape, and size of nose (and others), but for now, it works really well.

The codebase for YourAI is finished and I'm spending the next few days in tidy-ups and debugging. I need to put in themes, widths, fonts and sizes to fit in with the way my subscribers have their copy of YourPCM configured, then I'll release it to them all as a Christmas present on Friday the 15th (Monday the 18th at the latest) and let them play with it into 2024.

So, around six week's work fitted into free slots in my day and many evenings and weekends and I've got myself a pretty decent new module called YourAI. Yes, it is a 'wrapper' for Open AI's ChatGPT and DALL-E, but the difference is that it lets you organise and remember your creations for future reference.

"It does all the heavy lifting for you, and it creates
some really cool stuff!"

Over Christmas, I'll be working on so I can release YourAI as a standalone product that people can sign up for free and just buy tokens as and when they need them. Better than paying £20 a month for full-blown Chat GPT and then getting confused with complex prompt generation or where you put your creations.

When I get excited about something I'm coding, you know it's going to be good.

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