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The Benefits Of Business Blogging - Part 1

Everyone wants to get a page one ranking on Google and business blogging can achieve this. You want a page one ranking, right?

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One of the major benefits of business blogging is that you'll be seen on Google!

One of the major benefits of business blogging is that you'll be seen on Google!

This week it's about being found on Google. You do want to be found on Google, right? Google really is all pervasive when you're online, isn't it? From Google+ for social networking to ads appearing all over your YouTube videos to Google Docs and Gmail. Though most small businesses, recognising the benefits of a good search engine ranking, are only interested in organic Google Search.

We all want a hallowed position one on page one for our company. If you type in your company name and you're not number one for that then there's something very wrong with your website! It's those pesky key phrases that we all have trouble ranking for.

"And this is where business blogging comes in!"

You're an expert in your industry right? And you want everyone to know that don't you? What you need to do is blog; every day if you can, but I find that blogging once a week is good enough for my clients and it's certainly good enough for Google.

All of my clients are well established, serviced based companies. Mostly sole traders, some partnerships, and the odd SME. They're Internet savvy individuals who get social media and understand that they need to put some quality stuff out there to get Google's interest, but they don't have the time, or inclination, to do it themselves.

If that sounds like you too, then you may now be wondering what you could write about that would interest Google to come index your blog and include your posts in its indexes ready to be found.

Well, you'll be surprised at what you can write about. You're the expert on you, what you do, your industry, your own career history, your likes and dislikes ... well, there are endless things you can blog about that will interest Google and the people who use it to search.

There is a caveat here ... if you are in an overly populated industry with a lot of other people doing the exact same as you, then it's going to be difficult to rank you highly for the key phrases you include in your blog posts. You should probably consider PPC, but you can still blog to build trust and authority with customers, clients and prospects alike.

But if you're offering a unique service, and you're in a sparsely populated industry, then the chances are that you'll rank much higher for the the key phrases you use in your blog posts.

And, of course, the more you blog, the more of your blog posts that will make it into Google Search, the more chances you have of getting found! Oh, and one more thing. Always use a great image with your blog post! After all, Google Image Search is the second biggest search engine in the world.

"Great writing and a great image can improve your chances of being found!"

So start blogging for your business; start putting some quality content out there and get your blog posts ranked for the key phrases you're looking for.

Love, light and logic ...


PS ... You may feel like blogging will take a lot of your time. You could be thinking that outsourcing it to someone like me would cost a lot of money. Maybe you've heard that it takes a lot of technical knowledge to blog effectively? I can assure you that with me, it's none of these things.

PPS ... You really should call me on 0333 335 0420 and let's talk.

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