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About My Contact Manager Add-On

What do you do with all those business cards you receive? Stick them in a drawer and forget about them? My contact manager add-on lets you organise and keep in touch with everyone you meet at networking events

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How it works

When you've been networking, instead of leaving the business cards you received in a drawer, do something useful with them

Enter the details from your business cards into a new record

Find their Facebook profile and connect to it to see their picture

Make sure you're connected to them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


Organise your contacts into stages to easily find who you want

Assign each contact to an industry then quickly and easily tag them

Keep in touch directly on social media or via Facebook messenger

You can add notes to your contact so you know what conversions you've had and keep track of your customers/clients birthdays as an added benefit!

What does it cost?

I've put together two fabulous offers that will get your contacts organised quickly and efficiently. Remember, this is an add-on to my blogging service


Organise and keep in touch with everyone you meet out and about at networking events. Contact them by phone, email and directly via Facebook Messenger!

My most popular business blogging package!

per month


Setup and send SMS messages and custom emails to get important information to you contacts. You can also keep track of peoples birthdays to strengthen relationships!

My best value business blogging package!

per month

* You must have the GET ORGANISED add-on to get this extra

Working with me is on a month-by-month basis. Pay for a month, get a month's worth of services. No long contract, just one month's notice to quit, though I recommend an initial 6-months to be sure it's working.

The 30-day free trial applies only to my blogging service where the client sends in their raw thoughts for editing. Writing and other services will be provided once an initial 6-months agreement is in place.

Payment via direct debit on 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st or 28th of each month depending on when you start. Invoices issued during any notice period must be honoured. There is no VAT due on any of my services at this time.

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