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About My Blog Mailers Add-On

Another great add-on service where I create an email from your latest blog post each week and send it straight to the inbox of your entire mailing list. I'll look after your list and ensure it stays GDPR compliant at all times!

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How it works

The subscribers on your mailing list are highly engaged and eager to hear from you. Your blog post will be sent directly to their inbox each and every week

About My Blog Mailers Add-On

I'll create a blog mailer when I do your blog post and send it for approval

About My Blog Mailers Add-On

You can then approve it or make whatever changes you'd like to see

About My Blog Mailers Add-On

When I publish your blog post, I'll email your blog mailer out too

It's important that your mailing list is GDPR compliant, so each blog mailer includes tools to unsubscribe from your list ensuring people don't receive unwanted email

What does it cost?

I've put together two fabulous offers that will get your blog mailers into subscribers inboxes. Remember, this is an add-on to my blogging service


I create an email message from your latest blog post and send it to everyone on your mailing list each and every week. I'll keep your list GDPR compliant as well!

My most popular social sharing add-on!

per month


Not every message gets through the first time so you'll get a second bite of the cherry as I'll send it again a few days later to those who didn't open it originally!

My best value blog mailer add-on!

per month

Working with me is on a month-by-month basis. Pay for a month, get a month's worth of services. No long contract, just one month's notice to quit, though I recommend an initial 6-months so you can be sure it's working for you.

Payment via direct debit on 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st or 28th of each month depending on when you start in the month. There is no VAT due on any of my services at this time.

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