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My First On-site Install

Fresh from College ...

Posted on: 26/05/2014   By: Steffi Lewis

A long time ago, in a city far, far away I arrived at our office one sunny morning as usual. I'd been learning the ropes at an awesome little computer dealership and as I walked in, I saw a worrying frown on my Technical Managers face ...

when I started my career, laptops didn't exist ... yes, i am that old :)

when I started my career, laptops didn't exist ... yes, i am that old :)

I'd been there for a couple of months, being shown how to build computers and install operating systems. Having an understanding boss, he immediaely identified my love of all thing digital and assigned me to the technical team to learn everything from the ground up. I thought I was doing quite well so I didn't like to see a frown on anyone's face when they looked at me!

He called me over. "Ok Steffi, here's your chance" he said. "Take this network card, this toolkit and this list of instructions I've just written and go install it over in Liverpool". I was thrilled. It was really urgent as the customers network has gone down so he told me to take his car and leave immediately.

This was the first time I'd been let loose on a customer and I parked up in the nearest side road, put some money in the meter, then headed into one of the huge buildings you can see along Pier Head.

I asked for the IT Manager at reception who came rushing down to meet me and was immediately stand-offish with me. I politely introduced myself, told him why I was there and gave him my best smile. He told me to wait and went over to reception and made a phone call. Afterwards he was a bit more relaxed and took me to the server room (nothing more than a computer on a desk and a noisy dot matrix printer) and hovered about while I installed the card.

It was really easy for me to install the network card having built PCs back at the office and when I flicked the switch and the server powered into life with a noisy whirr from the fans there was an obvious look of relief on his face. He thanked me profusely and headed into the office to tell everyone they could start working again.

I took a walk down to the waterfront and watched the ferry leaving for Woodside on the Wirral. I felt really, really good. My first ever on-site install had gone smoothly and the client was really happy.

Getting back to the office I got a round of applause from my colleagues and my smiling boss told me how the client had phoned him from their reception querying whether a "girl was up to the job" to which my boss had assured him that I was.

Some months later he did admit he had his fingers crossed the whole time!

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