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Steffi's Roundup: It Was An Awesome April

Halfway to target, 2 months early ...


Posted by Steffi Lewis on 02/05/2023 @ 8:00AM

Life seems to get as busy as you want it to be. I did a lot of networking in April, plenty of 121s and demonstrations as well as adding new subscribers and training them up ...

April was an awesome month so I'm pleased to sign it off with a flourish!

April was an awesome month so I'm pleased to sign it off with a flourish!

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Overall, April was an awesome month so I'm pleased to sign it off with a flourish. I've been sticking to my Weekend Coding Rule as closely as I can, with a little coding in the evenings sometimes, but that's timed from 7pm until 9pm to give me time to relax before bedtime.

"The new YourPCM website seems to be working well!"

I wanted to redesign it as it was looking a little tired. The features and functions that were built-in come from my digital marketing platform and they were developed a few years ago now. I needed something a little more modern so got to work in Canva.

Canva is a fantastic tool. It let me design a slide stack and because it shows you them one above another rather than one at a time, you can look at it as sections on a website page. I was able to take what I designed in Canva and convert it to HMTL with some appropriate dives into my digital marketing platform for things like blog posts etc.

I also wanted to add in a stepped sign-up process and I got that built and working. Now, it asks for your personal details, then the next stage is about terms & conditions, and then finally step three is about letting you know some important information before creating a fully featured 7-day free trial. It works beautifully so, baring adding a couple of phone calls into the mix, I think I've got the onboarding process down now.

I'm slowly working through a new 'Extras' tab for my subscribers. This is mostly about consolidating some of the paid services we offer (custom imports, mailers etc), but adds a few new things too. For example, We're going to be offering a Bulk Business Card Adding service (that will eventually be outsourced), as well as working with another company to provide more focused contacts to our subscribers.

And lastly on the Extras tab will be custom blog posts. When a subscriber sends in a URL of something interesting they've read, or a summary or even just an idea, We'll use ChatGPT to write something for them of around 500 words, then edit it (cast an eye over it to ensure it makes sense) create a title, subtitle, hashtags and suggest an image on Pixabay they can use. There'll even be an MP3 audio version and we'll give them the code they need to embed it in their website, or they can use it as a podcast.

My thinking behind this is that everyone needs good blog posts for their websites and I've been creating them for years, so a little AI automation is going to help me speed up that process and I can charge a nominal amount for it. Was thinking around £10 as an introductory offer and see how popular it is.

"Maybe social media posts will be next!"

May is a growth month; not only in the environment at large with leaves and flowers in full bloom, but for me too. More networking, more 121s, more demos, free trials and subscriptions. If you've read my blog for a while now, you'll remember I said that I've set myself a 2023 target and I'm pleased to say that, financially at least, I'm halfway there and two months ahead of schedule. So, that bodes well for getting beyond my target by the end of December.

And there are going to be a few tweaks to the business in May too. My legacy blogging clients are moving to my self-employment from June as it makes life a lot easier for me, and my limited company will be renamed ready for the beginning of June ready for accelerators and initial investment.

I'm still working on my business plan too. Lordy, that's a slog,.

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