Why I'm Furious With My Accounts Software Provider

If you're a regular reader of my blog and know what I'm doing with YourPCM, you'll understand that it's imperative that I offer the highest level of support to my subscribers. If one of them is having a problem, then it must get sorted as soon as possible ...

I'm currently furious with my accounts software provider. I'm not going to say which package I use, but I have a problem with it, and it's been a week since I logged the issue, and it's still not been resolved.

An error message started popping up for no apparent reason and it's stopping my recurring invoices from being sent over to GoCardless for payment because the mandate currency is suddenly different from the invoice currency.

"Even though they're both in £Sterling, it still won't send them over!"

I searched their knowledgebase, then I fought with their chatbot, and finally got through to a human being who wanted an emailed screenshot after I spent ½ hour detailing what the problem was. The last thing I heard from them after sending a message a few days ago was, "We are dealing with the problem and will get back to you with a resolution soon". Typical!

This is why I bang on and on and on that UK small business owners need a higher level of support. Faults, bugs and problems get lost in the ether when it comes to large companies such as these and that's why I'm still unable to get my accounts package to communicate with GoCardless, even though it's been working perfectly for the past couple of years.

With YourPCM going so well, I'm changing things around with my limited company, so I'll be moving non-YourPCM invoicing over to my self-employment, which means I'm not overly concerned right now. I know all of my legacy blogging clients well enough to ring them up and ask for a manual payment, so no problem there, but it goes to prove what I say about support is right.

"UK small business owners need a higher level of support from their software providers!"

These US companies are huge. They have entire teams to deal with support and development, but no one seems to be taking responsibility for my problem. If it were a fault with YourPCM then we'd be all over it and I'd guarantee a fix as soon as possible, even if it meant working through the night or over a weekend.

Unfortunately, with them being in a completely different time zone and country, it makes it all that more difficult to give them a call about it to just be fobbed off with more excuses!

Just be careful who you work with, because the bigger they are (and the smaller you are) the more they see you as just another account number and revenue stream. That'll never happen with YourPCM. We work with small businesses, so we will always consider ourselves to be a small business.

Our support team will always take personal responsibility for any subscribers with a problem and get them sorted out as soon as possible.

Here endeth the grumble.

If anything I've mentioned here resonates with you, do call me on 07490 373980 and let's see how I can help.