Sticking To The Weekend Coding Rule

It's been a busy few weeks. I seem to be arranging more and more 121s and demos on Zoom which I'm really happy about. But when do I get to do any coding? Occasionally in the evenings, but mostly at the weekends ...

So, at the beginning of the year, I promised my best friend Kirsty, who is an awesome business coach and my style guru, that I'd only do coding in the evenings and at the weekends. I'm pleased that I've 'mostly' stuck to this because it means I get to work on my business during the week. Yes, I have my legacy blogging clients I do work for on weekdays (and I love them all), but generally, weekdays move YourPCM forward.

"I had a free trial training session with a chap last week!"

He requested a few little bits and pieces to be added to the database. They weren't difficult to implement, so I said I'd do it at the weekend for him. I didn't do anything on Saturday because I have to have at least one day of downtime a week (I'm not religious or anything, just what I need), but Sunday I came out with all guns blazing and just got on with it.

I also had what I call a 'custom import' to get done. Normally, imports are pretty straightforward. Subscribers can see the file format and column layout we need and they just make sure their CSV file complies, and boom ... data imported. Didn't work properly? Trash the contacts, fix the problem, and import it again. It's all rather easy.

But sometimes, there are additional data and in this case, as my new subscriber had a mix of domestic and commercial customers and clients, they needed an address including. Now, anyone who has worked with CSV files will recognise that extra commas in your data (like you'd get in an address) are not a good thing. So, I needed to do a custom import to sort it all out. It took 5 goes to get right, but I got there in the end and now I have a very happy subscriber with all his contacts included.

Sadly, I did my back in and I'm in a lot of pain now. As I'd been sitting at my computer coding for many hours, when I finished around 9pm I went and had playtime with my cat in my bedroom. He rolls around under my throw, I pretend there's a mousey under the duvet and he jumps around attacking it, I laugh my ass off at his antics, he bites and kicks me playfully, and eventually runs off to beat his older brother up.

"If you're a cat owner, you'll know all about that!"

But when I was getting up from the bed, I turned wrong and wrenched my back. Now, I'm in a lot of pain and after laughing at my bestie on Friday for being in pain after she started classes with a new personal trainer last week, I wholeheartedly expect to be relentlessly made fun of when I see her in a few days.

That'll teach me for spending too long sitting in one position. I'm really not a spring chicken anymore.

If anything I've mentioned here resonates with you, do call me on 07490 373980 and let's see how I can help.