Steffi's Summer Of Coding 2023 Is Officially Over!

Well, I gave myself an end date of Sunday the 27th of August to complete Steffi's Summer Of Coding 2023 and I got there a week early! Although I love coding, I'm actually pretty glad it's over now ...

It's been a long hard slog over the past few months. Working on the Companies House data took a month of going in circles until I decided that the data wasn't working right so put it on the back burner. I'm glad I did that as it freed me up to get on with other things.

"The upgraded Discovery tool was a major piece of work!"

Now, it returns twice as many records as it did before and has a lot more functionality too. With a cache to download complete, UK-wide datasets as well as a limited international search, the Discovery tool is now what I always wanted it to be when I first created it, but didn't have the time to get all the features added.

I've also spent some time making the mailing list system more resilient. I have a subscriber who is importing and sending to monster datasets and, as it's been stress-testing the mailers system, I've been able to see where the weaknesses are and fix any issues as they've come up. It's been a worthwhile exercise.

Apart from that, lots of little tweaks and enhancements and as a final gift to my subscribers, I've just added a Custom WhatsApp messaging system for them that works exactly the same as Custom Emails and Custom SMS text messages. All they need is WhatsApp installed on their computer and away they go.

The last thing I added last weekend was a Wiki framework that will become my help system over the next few months with me creating new entries as often as I can. Each Wiki entry has a looping video demonstrating how to do something, some text to outline the steps and an audio version to go with it.

Of course, the usual phone, email and video support are available if subscribers need personalised support, but I think the Wiki may be the first place people will drop into before getting in touch for help.

"So, that's all folks!"

Another successful summer of coding under my belt and signed off. Now, we're back into entrepreneur mode and I'm building my Go To Market strategy to begin in September, including a lot of weekly cold email outreach to various business sectors across the United Kingdom, using data we've gleaned using the upgraded Discovery tools.

I'll let know know how it goes.

If anything I've mentioned here resonates with you, do call me on 07490 373980 and let's talk.