Eureka! I Fixed My Wonky Flywheel

I've been working on and off on the YourPCM business plan ready for investment in the next few months. It's been challenging, but fun to write down everything in my head and commit it all to paper for someone else to read ...

I've divided the future YourPCM crew up into a number of teams, and these sit around the flywheel and work on different aspects of the subscriber journey. For example, the Growth Team is made up of both Marketing and Sales. The Subscriber Team is made up of Training and Support, and the ... well, there wasn't another team and they weren't made up of anything.

"I realised that my Flywheel was wonky and needed another team!"

Let me explain. So, the Growth Team is about Attraction (marketing) and Acquisition (sales). Once through all that, the subscriber is in a free trial which is the Adoption part, otherwise called onboarding. From here, they either spin off as a failure or subscribe, in which case we move into the Adoration phase and it's about training and support and delighting them enough to want them to recommend us to their business friends and peers.

But the Adoration phase shouldn't be entirely down to the Subscriber Team. This is where I realised I needed another team and so I called them the Booster Team. I was thinking about Hype Team, but this didn't fit with the YourPCM ethos as it sounded too young. This team's job is to get those referrals, and the 5-star reviews, and then broadcast them to the world.

This could be by way of PR and news articles, it could be about working with the Marketing bods in the Growth Team to create a round of new content, it could be about going to exhibitions and showing business people how great we really are.

This gives us an outer flywheel, The Boost Team rest over the top, because they're the ones that move UK small business owners to become aware of us and want to engage with the stuff the Growth Team are doing and then the Subscriber Team look after them.

"So, Boost works with Growth, Growth works with Subs, and Subs works with Boost again!"

This makes an awful lot of sense to me now. I was struggling with the original flywheel that YouTuber TK Kader promotes and was trying to figure out what sits where and how to balance what I perceived to be a wonky flywheel. Now, in my mind at least, everything has balance, and the new outer flywheel should be geared to allow the inner one to spin even faster.

Still a lot of work to do! I will finish my business plan soon. I'm determined ...

If anything I've mentioned here resonates with you, do call me on 07490 373980 and let's see how I can help.