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Sorting Out My SaaS Go To Market Strategy

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Posted by Steffi Lewis on 18/07/2023 @ 8:00AM

I've been deep coding for most of this summer. Reflecting on my recent blog posts showed me that I've come a long way since the beginning of the season and I've achieved a lot. But it's nearly time to change hats ...

A SaaS entrepreneur wears many hats. I'll shortly be taking off my coding hat and replacing it with the entrepreneurs!

A SaaS entrepreneur wears many hats. I'll shortly be taking off my coding hat and replacing it with the entrepreneurs!

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I'm a 30-year veteran web developer. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with solutions to code issues. It's very natural to me and techy stuff is my comfort zone. However, building a SaaS business takes many hats, and it's nearly time to become an entrepreneur again.

"I have just one coding project left to do!"

It should take me a couple of weeks, then we're into the middle of August which, in the United Kingdom at least, is a quiet month as many small business owners are on holiday. So, that's the perfect time to get my Go To Market strategy (GTM) sorted out and ready for the beginning of September. Ok, so what is a GTM?

Well, your GTM is about who you're going to target, what the core idea you want to get across is, and then how you're going to do it. Ideal Customer Profile, Manifesto and Broadway Show as TK Kader calls it on YourTube. Or just Targets, Core Idea and Messaging to us mere mortals. I already know my ideal customer profile, so that's sorted ..., but what's the core idea going to be as YouPCM has an extensive feature list?

I was watching YouTube the other day. I follow lots of marketing gurus, sales trainers and business coaches, but they all seem to be promoting the same idea: Prospecting on Google. Except, what they're promoting is a huge waste of time.

They tell it like this:

  • go to Google Search or Google Maps

  • type in the profession you're looking for in the location you want

  • copy any company names, phone numbers and websites to a spreadsheet

  • visit each individual website

  • find an email address

  • copy it to a spreadsheet

  • create an email then copy and paste it multiple times

  • send it!

  • rinse and repeat, over and over again.

What a bloomin' waste of time that is!

And that's because YourPCM can do all that for you in a fraction of the time. So, why waste 10 hours a week compiling a list of 100 potential new contacts when my little SaaS program will do all that for you in just 15 minutes? That's the message I want to get over.

"Prospecting is a soul-destroying task and YourPCM will save you from the drudgery of your life!"

So, for the last part of August (once I've finished my final coding task), I'm working out the social media messages and imagery as well as putting together my professional lists ready for emailing in September. I'm also creating some blog posts to share for the next few weeks about prospecting so I've got more generic stuff people can read too.

And I'll be talking about prospecting in my networking intros as well. In fact, everything I do between September and December is to get people to have demos, start free trials and eventually subscribe to our Networker package which contains our discovery tools that do the searching on Google for you.

"Of course, they can also subscribe to Marketer which has our newly upgraded mailing list system!"

A good Go To Market strategy is required by all SaaS businesses. So, far this year, my messaging has been about the ease of use of our database and how to become a proactivity powerhouse by using it. The rest of 2023 is going to be more focused on one particular feature.

It's time to ramp things up and get that flywheel moving.

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