How I Can Do 96.3% Of Your Online Marketing For You!

I do all the work and you get all the glory ...


That's right! I can do most of your online marketing for you. Apart from sending me your 'raw thoughts' each week and replying to people who get in touch, there's actually very little you need to do ...

So you need not get wrapped up in all that time-consuming, sometimes confusing, far too technical, I'm just too busy, it isn't working for me so why am I bothering, oh my goodness, what have I just posted, online marketing stuff.

"Wouldn't you rather be working for your clients (and earning money) than wasting countless hours online?"

Yes, it can be time-consuming, confusing and expensive to do all this, but I'm here to help you. This is what I can do for you when you choose to work with me:

  1. Business Blogging ...

    I'll create a blog for you using either or a personal domain name. I'll brand it for you, send you regular email reminders to get writing and then turn your 'raw thoughts' into finished, polished blog posts with perfect spelling, grammar, punctuation and a brilliant licensed photo.

    Ok, I'll write for you if you really want me to, and when you've published enough blog posts, they can be 'recycled' if you're very short of time one week.

    Blogging is a great way to improve your domain's overall search engine ranking and raise your profile on social media. It'll build loads of trust and authority too!

  2. Social Media Sharing ...

    I'll build a number of sales messages, client testimonials, and questions directly into your blog admin centre and find industry news, for you each day. I'll then schedule up to 12 shares (including your latest and most popular blog posts) each working day to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    Valuable for positioning yourself as an industry leader and gets your name in front of your friends, followers and connections throughout the day.

  3. Mailing List Management & Blog Newsletters ...

    I'll create those splendid delayed popup boxes that'll convince people to subscribe and, because it's really easy to fall foul of spam filters, I'll build, check and send your mailer for you each week on a day of your choice.

    Newsletters about your most recent blog post will be opened far more than a direct sales message, although a sly call to action in the PS is normally acceptable to your subscribers.

    A great way to keep customers and clients informed, though you'll find many people sign-up simply because they want to stay in touch.

  4. Online Lead Generation ...

    Probably the most complicated part of social media is advertising, but it can also be the most effective. Where should you be advertising and how much should you spend each week? I can figure all that out for you them make it happen.

    I'll build you a trackable landing page to go with each of your adverts and even include a custom phone number if you'd like! Landing pages should clearly include a good offer and call to action if you want to convert those that click on your ad into new clients.

    Get your email pinging, your phone ringing, and even your tills ker-chinging, with social media advertising and a good leadgen system.

  5. Regular Networking Events

    Each month, I organise two networking opportunities for my clients. One is a casual coffee and the other (a couple of weeks later) is a more formal event. I do this because I want to build a community and when you know, like and trust someone, you're more likely to help them (and they'll help you too!).

    My free coffee club is usually early afternoon and the formal networking events are over dinner in the evening which have a cover charge payable in advance.

    My clients love Stefferati networking and the friendly, relaxed atmosphere I create is a really great way to start meeting some new business friends.

One thing that I feel is very important is always being available to my clients by phone, email and live chat. I'll train you face-to-face on how to best use your blogs admin centre and when you need help with other features of the web or social media I'll be there to talk you through it!

"Want me to do all the work and you get all the glory?"

What's not to like about that? If you haven't got the time to do your online marketing, think it's far to complicated and technical to do, or feel that outsourcing it to an agency is going to be far too expensive, then working with me is the right choice.


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