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The Law Of Attraction, Manifestation, And Taking Action

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne talks about the Law Of Attraction, manifestation and how you can have everything you want.

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The Law Of Attraction really does work, as long as you take action!

The Law Of Attraction really does work, as long as you take action!

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In a nutshell, The Secret is the Law Of Attraction. Whatever you are thinking, you are attracting. Think negative thoughts and you will attract negative things! As an example, if you keep concentrating on your debts then you will continue to not have any money.

"Think of abundance instead and watch your world change!"

So, if the Law Of Attraction works all of the time and the Universe is giving you everything you are asking for, then the structure of your thoughts and the language you use is really important, isn't it?

If you use phrases like "I don't want ..." and "no more ..." and even "I'm so sick and tired of not being/having/doing ...", then the Universe hears that you do, in fact, want - and you want more of it - and actually, you're happy with not being/having/doing. That's because the Universe can't process negatives. Keep your language positive, in everything you think, say and do!

Let me give you a couple of examples:

And guess what? I was given the all clear on 23rd December 2014 by my ENT specialist, then felt 100% again by Easter Monday. I've been back at work full-time ever since.

"But what may have happened if I hadn't thought positively?"

Mike Dooley is an author, speaker and thinker who I admire very much. He moves the Law Of Attraction along a little and sums it u,p into three words: "thoughts become things". It's simple, isn't it?

The way you believe your Universe to be is the way it's going to be! Think negative and you'll attract negative things ... think positive and you will attract positive things. But Mike does add a couple of caveats to what Rhonda Byrne says in the original Secret. Mike adds that you have to take action and must be grateful for everything you already have.

As an example, I am personally visualising one specific 'thing' and am working towards getting it. Once I have that 'thing' everything else I want will have fallen into place ... all of my goals will have happened and the 'thing' is icing on the cake, so to speak. And I'm very grateful for that.

I don't care about the 'hows' as the Universe takes care of it all. It's not a game of chess because I don't need to think about what will happen if I do this or that (or don't do), I simply want that thing, believe that the Universe will get it for me, am grateful that it's going to be mine soon and visualise having it. Then I take daily action to help make it happen.

"Every morning, I sit quietly for a few minutes before I start work and visualise me having it!"

It may take time because the Universe needs to line up all the right pieces to make it happen, but I've already started to notice things occurring that are moving me towards that goal.

Positive people, positive situations, positive ideas ... they're all coming into my life due to my positive thinking and because I know exactly what I want.

So what are your goals? What do you want in your life? Are you visualising it? Are you thinking positive thoughts, speaking positive words and taking positive action? Are you feeling grateful yet?

Are you using the law of attraction?

Love, light and logic ...

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