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The Definition Of Insanity

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over, expecting different results'. One plus one will always equal two.

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My hero scientist has been attributed with a number of great quotations. This one about the definition of insanity is certainly my favourite!

My hero scientist has been attributed with a number of great quotations. This one about the definition of insanity is certainly my favourite!

This quotation - and the logical thinking behind it - can be applied throughout our lives, both in business and personally. So why do we continue with the same behaviours, day in and day out, wondering why we always get the same result?

Let's look at the business world first. As an entrepreneur, I looked at blogging and looked at social media and wondered how I could combine the two.

"I found a great way to build an end-to-end blogging service that no-one had done before!"

Yes, I could have just developed the blogging platform or I could have just started offering my writing skills, then I would have been doing the same as hundreds of other businesses and competing with them head on. Where would my unique difference be? But I didn't just do one or the other; I did what an entrepreneur does best and saw a link between two distinct needs and came up with a solution to both of them.

And now my customers get a service that is identical each and every time they use it - which is a good thing in this instance. How would McDonalds have fared if each store looked different, offered completely different products and gave a different level of service, store to store? They wouldn't be the global success they are now! So, for McDonalds - and for me - a consistent service is a good thing.

But if you drill down a little into any business, there are always things that can be changed. Are your marketing channels generating the lead quantity you're expecting? Are you constantly in the red each month hoping that things will improve soon and you don't have to downsize your operations? Is there a key member of staff whose attitude is driving you crazy and you hope that they'll just calm down and fall in line on their own?

If you answered yes to any of those questions - or came up with a million more of your own - then something has to change, doesn't it? One plus one will always equal two; so if something isn't working for your business, why haven't you changed it yet?

And, of course, the same thing goes for our personal world. It's a simple question: "are you happy?". If your latest relationship has turned sour ... again ... if you're having money issues ... again ... or are suffering for a million different reasons ... again ... then maybe something you've been doing needs to change?

Are you just repeating your old patterns of behaviour because that's what you're used too and it feels comfortable? If you're hoping one plus one will equal something other than two, then you need to change something - and the sooner you change it, then the sooner you'll be on your way to happiness again, won't you? Eckhart Tolle says that there are only three possible outcomes for any situation.

"We either accept, change, or leave!"

This ties in nicely with what Einstein said, don't you think? If we don't make one of Eckhart's three choices then the same thing will happen to us over and over again.

I asked an unhappy friend a question recently: "if you had a year off where you could do that one thing you've always wanted to do, for a whole twelve months, all expenses paid and you wouldn't lose your current salary or lifestyle when you got back ... what would you do?". She couldn't answer, but promised to think about it. Whatever she comes up with, my response will be "So if that's what will make you happy, why aren't you doing it?"

A change in our behaviour means we can alter our current circumstances and discover that there is a whole world out there full of new and exciting places and people for us to embrace and enjoy and an infinite number of ways to be happy.

So in all seriousness, if you're not happy with your life then you need to change something and you need to change it now! Or you could just keep on doing what you're doing, over and over again? Happy yet?

Love, light and logic ...

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PS ... Yes, I know that some people attribute the quotation to Rita Mae Brown in her book "Sudden Death" but I think it works well coming from Ol' Einstein, don't you?

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