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Need To Improve Your Website's Google Ranking?

We all want a page one, position one Google ranking for our website, but search engines prefer fresh content over fixed pages.

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I have a page one, position one Google ranking for my name, which is exactly what I want!

I have a page one, position one Google ranking for my name, which is exactly what I want!

So what are you going to do? Well, there are many ways to improve your website's Google ranking, some of them easy to implement, so of them far harder.

Ensuring your website loads quickly, has all the key information above the fold, doesn't have scripts that block the page loading efficiently, has the right titles, URLs and an appropriate number of key phrases embedded in the content; well, SEO experts tell you so many different things that your head could spin, and you have to simply trust them to make it work.

However, there is one thing that has been proven to improve your Google ranking time and time again. It's something that's been around for quite a few years and that's called business blogging. Why is it good for SEO?

"Because you're giving Google what it wants: fresh content on a regular basis!"

Now, it doesn't matter if your blog is located at or as both ways of doing it are acceptable to Google because they're both underneath your overall domain and both classed as 'internal'.

In fact, as a quick aside, you should know that 'www' is, in itself, a subdomain, it's just the one we most commonly use for our websites.

If you don't believe me, look up a guy called Matt Cutts who's the head of the team that tweaks Google's algorithms. He says that whichever way you choose to do it, it's important that the spiders Google sends to check out your domain see things changing regularly.

I monitor all traffic to Steffi/CMS, and to my clients' blogs and websites. I can tell what's a spider and what's a human, I can see where they come from, who referred them, what computers and browsers they use ... well, there's a lot of detail and I've spent the last 8 years understanding the behaviour of Google's spiders. This is what I've learned:

"The more you blog about your niche, the better your Google ranking is going to be for your overall domain!"

My own personal blog is a bit eclectic. I deliberately talk about a lot of different subjects because I have a lot of interests and I'd get quite bored talking about the same thing all the time. Yes, I could just talk about blogging and Google would see that and give my website a better overall search engine ranking for blogging, but that's not what it's about for me.

I want to be number one in the Google search engine rankings for 'Steffi Lewis' and I am; have been for years, because I've been contributing to my blog for years and my name is plastered all over the blog posts.

But if you want the best shot of ranking in Google for your particular industry, then regular blogging about your industry is your best approach if you don't want to pay for advertising.

How often? Every day if you can, but once a week at a bare minimum. And don't make your blog posts sales pitches either. Ok, put a call to action in the PS, but use your blog post to share some useful information that the reader may feel is valuable and can make use of in their daily life.

"You're the expert on you and what you do. Make sure everyone knows that!"

Social shares, retweets, comments and likes are all becoming important to Google's spiders now. Google has full access to Twitter's 'firehose' and can now even read the Facebook commenting objects on your blog posts.

So if Google is doing that, then don't forget to regularly share your blog posts on social media; not only from a brand awareness point of view, but because Google sees the popularity of what you're publishing and gives you some google juice the more popular your words are.

I said above that you should blog as often as possible, but people may miss your content on social media and you lose out on those all-important social signals. It's a fine balance and one you can only understand fully once you commit to blogging yourself.

To recap ...

  • Google likes regular fresh content

  • Blogging is the way to give it what it wants

  • Blog regularly - once a week at a bare minimum

  • Blog about your niche for maximum impact

  • Make sure your latest blog posts are linked to on your home page in a form Google can read

  • Shares, retweets, comments and likes are becoming more important

So start business blogging today and watch your search engine position climb for your domain, but remember that individual blog posts can rank separately and if you're publishing content that's timely, then that post on its own may get onto page one and squirt some extra Google juice your way!

One final word of caution though. Business blogging takes time to work and if you're in a saturated vertical market with lots of similar competition, don't expect page one anytime soon. Instead, you can use your blog to raise your profile on social media and prove your authority to your business contacts.

"Content may be King, but your blog is the palace it lives in!"

In summary, I like to think of things this way: if your website is your shop window then your blog is the front door. And social media? That's the sign outside that says "come on in!". What's not to like about that?

If you'd like to improve your website's Google ranking, then get in touch!

Love, light and logic ...

Blogging: the perfect marketing channel
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