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Multiple Videos And The Art Of Consistency

I did a project the other week for a long-standing client. They were having a franchisee meeting and wanted a set of videos.

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I really enjoyed working with Claire and the Extra Help crew to get the videos done!

I really enjoyed working with Claire and the Extra Help crew to get the videos done!

Extra Help are one of my oldest clients. I've been blogging for them since 2012 and I'm proud to think that the work I've done for them has contributed to their page one ranking on Google.

I've created slide based videos for them before (like the one below) and updated each video as circumstances changed within their company. Extra Help's Managing Director, Claire Robinson, was aware of my live video skills and she asked if I'd like to do a set of them at their next franchisee meeting.

So after ensuring that all my equipment was charged up and lenses were clean, I headed to Harben House in Newport Pagnell and set up my lights and camera in a quiet area of the building a short walk away from the training room.

I looked at the available light and decided to use two LED lights on stands. One next to the camera and raised to push the shadows down and one at 90 degrees as fill lighting. The north facing window would be the third point of light to give the videos a softer, more natural look.

I was using my wireless mic system with a lapel mic to capture the sound and set my camera to 1/60 at f5.6 as it captures video at 30fps. I considered using a white popup backdrop, but the wall was light enough to use, as long as I zoomed in to remove some shadows and marks.

I then spent an hour talking to the franchisees about social media and a few tricks and techniques I've learned for improving reach. They had a load of their own questions as well so I was able to answer them and then we grabbed a bite to eat as a buffet lunch was served.

"Kudos to Harben House for lunch; I loved the bacon, egg and mushroom quiche!"

My business friend Jayne Robinson from The Copy Workshop was on hand that afternoon as well. She writes content for Extra Help and sends me the core of the blog posts before I tweak, top and tail them ready for publication.

Today, however, Jayne was acting as my producer and scripted the testimonial and introductory videos. The testimonial ones were going to follow a set script for consistency, and the introductory ones were for their own use, so the script was a little more flexible.

The key to a set of videos is consistency. Consistency in lighting, consistency in sound, consistency in the script. I took care of the technical aspects (lighting, sound and filming), and Jayne took care of the scripts. I'd explain what was going to happen then Jayne took over and talked to them about the words.

We shot the testimonial videos first. Our thinking was that because it was so scripted (and reasonably short) it would be easy for each person to do and that would put them in the right mindset for the slightly longer, and more free-form introductory video.

And, of course, when you have a number of videos to shoot (we did 12 in total plus outtakes) then you need to have a certain rhythm and flow to the project. Get too chatty, and you'll run out of time. Be too clinical, and you won't connect with those in front of the camera. Jayne and I got the balance just right.

When I got back to Steffi HQ, I worked through the first video to see what I needed to do to finish it. I added a fade in and fade out (which required a little trimming at each end) then enhanced the sound to balance the treble and bass and remove a little background hiss. Once done, I exported it to an HD MP4 and then applied the same setting to each of the other videos.

And that could have been that. You see testimonial and introductory videos on websites and social media all the time, and they're pretty basic. I wanted to do something a little different to help them stand out rather than just send them off as is.

So I loaded up my slide-based video creator. I chose a theme and background music for the testimonial videos and the same theme as their slide-based video but with different music for the introductory videos. Dropping each video in there, I topped and tailed them with some logos and contact detail slides and did a final export to YouTube in high-definition.

I then compiled the YouTube URLs into an email and sent them off to Claire at Extra Help. I also linked the testimonial videos into blog.extra-help.co.uk and have set them to randomise and display a different video each time someone goes and visits a blog post.

"I really enjoyed this project, it was challenging and fun at the same time!"

I offer a 2-3 minute slide-based video for just £100. This is usually extracted from a client's website and is perfect for people who aren't comfortable in front of the camera. If you want to be in the video (with multiple short clip inserts) then the price is £250 because of the additional onsite filming that's required.

However, if you want a video that is 'just you' the price is £150 and I'll top and tail it with branding and contact slides rather than just fade in and fade out as you see on most videos of this ilk.

And what if you are getting a group of customers and clients together? A group of franchisees? Even members of your business team? If you'd like a set of consistent videos (for whatever reason you want, testimonial, introductory or otherwise) then I can help you.

The first video costs just £150 as per my standard rates, and each subsequent video adds just £50 to the final fee as it's a straightforward process to create them, and it's just the extra time involved in filming and finishing them.

If you'd like to talk about marketing videos for your business, why not call me on 0333 335 0420, leave a comment or fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of this blog post to send over an email enquiry and I'll be in touch as soon as I can.

Love, light and logic ...


PS ... I've since bought a teleprompter to put on the front of my camera and it works with my iPad so clients can send me the scripts over by email and they'll be reading it whilst looking directly in the lens. It works brilliantly!

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