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How Far Does Your Blog Post Go?

I got an email from one of my clients on Friday telling me some brilliant news and that it was because of her blog that it happened.

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It's the quality of the visitors to your blog that really matters!

It's the quality of the visitors to your blog that really matters!

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I know that my own blog posts get around. I get messages from as far away as Australia, New Zealand and many parts of the USA. My most shared and commented posts have been about my cancer journey, but posts about blogging and online marketing do get plenty of traction.

"My favourite recent engagement was from an investor in Silicon Valley!"

He told me it was a shame I wasn't based in California near him. I was thrilled to get a message like that, though I've been down the Venture Capital route before and having to massively compromise your morals and ethics just to make a buck for your shareholders doesn't interest me anymore.

Comments from people on the other side of the world are all well and good, but how does that transfer into the real world of business? Well, you'd be amazed at who actually reads your blog posts, as one of my clients recently found out. She was at a networking event when a chap came up to her and introduced himself.

"He'd only come along to the networking
event to meet her!"

She told me he'd said he'd been reading her blog for some months now, seen her name on the attendance list and decided a nice breakfast and a good conversation was right for him. He'd just set up in business himself and as he knew from her blog that she was the authority in her industry, he was interested in seeing if they could work together to move his business plans forward, which would obviously be of great benefit to her too.

It reminds me of that nugget of information about always carrying your business cards and never being afraid to hand them out as you never know where they'll end up, or who with.

Think of a blog post as an extended business card. Not just giving people your contact details, but proving your authority too!

As many bloggers quickly discover, it's easy to obsess over your traffic and how many pairs of eyeballs are reading your words of wisdom. It's also fabulous for the ego when people thousands of miles away tell you how great your writing is.

"But it's about quality, not quantity!"

In the business world, it's not the quantity of human visitors to your blog that's important, it's the quality. It's about reaching, and engaging with the right people on a regular basis and showing them each week that you're the authority at what you do.

And, when the time is right, they'll feel moved to make contact with you themselves ... maybe over a bacon butty ... and as my client found to her delight, completely out of the blue.

Love, light and logic ...


PS ... I have numerous examples where this has happened to my other clients. If you'd like to hear more about how working with me can do the same for you, call me on 0333 335 0420 and let's grab a coffee ... and possibly a bacon butty too!

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