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Being A Video Editor: Finishing Other People's Clips

Something I've been doing for a number of months is being a video editor and finishing other people's clips. They film it, I finish it.

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I enjoy being a video editor for Kate. It's easy once you're in the groove!

I enjoy being a video editor for Kate. It's easy once you're in the groove!

copyright: iamway / 123rf stock photo (licensee)

Kate from Russell HR has a well-lit white wall in her office and, every month, films a number of HR tip videos and a case study to put on her website.

Kate likes to talk to people as though they are in a room together, so it’s just natural lighting, sound recorded in the camera, and a change of scarf or jacket, giving a very human approach which reflects her personal style. This is how she likes it.

"Kate then sends them to me using!"

As they are 4K and straight from the camera, they are big files so WeTransfer zips them up and I download them to my PC. As I have a number of existing videos from Kate, I add them to a dropbox folder before editing.

I then pop each clip into my video editor to position her in the middle of the frame, adjust the lighting and sound and fade in and out both the video and sound. I then export them to MP4 ready for phase 2.

I use an online editor to piece together the videos. As I've created them before for her, we have already agreed how they progress and the different elements of each finished video. We have an animated logo, a header with a downloaded image I choose from my stock library, the video of Kate herself then contact slides at the end, finishing with the logo again. We also have a music soundtrack which fades out when Kate talks.

"If we're creating a tip video, we also include a slide of bullet points. There is the occasional testimonial video too!"

Once I export the finished video, I'll upload them to Kate's own YouTube channel, add in descriptions, a custom thumbnail and tag relevant keywords and then send the URLs to her for approval. When she signs them off, her web designer adds them to her website so that visitors see different videos at different times of the month.

I've created around 50 videos with Kate so far and I'm looking forward to working with her on many more over the coming months. And I can do the same for you too. Finishing each video costs just £50 each and I invoice her at the end of the month with the total for all the clips I finished that month.

The reason for the low cost is that we've got into the groove of how we do them. Kate knows what she wants to film and she knows how I'm going to finish and upload them. It's a great little workflow that has produced solid results.

I asked Kate what she thought of my video editor service:

''Working with Steffi is great for several reasons: she’s very responsive and turnarounds are pretty quick and she finds some great thumbnail images. It helps that she posts them to YouTube for me, and she’s very reasonably priced.

Thanks very much Steffi for making this aspect of my life easy and smooth. Highly recommended!

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