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A Day At Olney Business Live 2016

A sunny day in Buckinghamshire found me driving through the country lanes to attend Olney Business Live 2016.

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I had a long, tiring, but very enjoyable day at Olney Business Live!

I had a long, tiring, but very enjoyable day at Olney Business Live!

The event was held at the Carlton Club on the High Street. Parking is relatively easy in Olney as there are no traffic wardens so although it took me a little while to find a space, I knew I could park there all day without worrying.

"It was nice to see so many exhibitors!"

On arriving, all the exhibitors were setting up and had stands along the edge of the room. In the middle were tables and we were treated to some group networking over sandwiches before the show started in earnest.

There was a regular footfall of business people coming in during the day and it was really nice to catch up with my business friends, many who I haven't seen since before I got ill, and all interested in how I was now.

As I was 'official' photographer for the day, I remembered to take plenty of wide shots of the room as well as group shots using my new external flash unit mounted on top of my camera.

I used to work this way all the time when I was photographing events in Los Angeles, though my kit is different now so it was a great learning experience for me using my Panasonic Lumix FZ-1000 instead of much more expensive Canon dSLR cameras.

"A little trick I remembered was
called flash sync!"

This means that the external flash unit lights perfectly at a shutter speed of 1/125 so I put the camera into Shutter Priority mode and, later on, when I was reviewing my shots from the day, I was pleased to see that 90% of the shots I used flash on were perfectly lit. The other 10% were a little darker because I was further away from the subjects, so my fault rather than the cameras!

The most amazing thing was that every shot I took throughout the day was in focus which goes to show how good the autofocus on my camera is. I really was amazed. Even with my Canon dSLRs I never got 100% perfect focus!

Ten years ago, when I was working in LA, I had a kit of dSLRs, interchangeable lenses, multiple flash units and a whole host of other kit that I needed. I valued it at around £8,000 at the time.

But with my Panasonic Lumix FZ-1000, my external flash and all the bits and pieces I need now, I estimate it's only cost me £800 to get the equivalent level of performance!

"It's incredible how technology moves on so much in just 10 years!"

Apart from the great autofocus and optical image stabilisation, one fab thing about the FZ-1000 is that you can redefine the function buttons so one of them is now set to 'flash on/off' which gives me a choice on whether I'm want to use the light in the room, for wider or longer candid shots, or switch the flash back on for group shots.

It's great that my external flash unit is fully TTL compatible with the camera so I can do that without having to fiddle with the flash unit itself. It took a lot of research to find one that was!

I'm going to start offering my photographic services to businesses again soon and I took some fabulous images to add to my portfolio. It really was a worthwhile day for me and I'm glad I could help the Olney Business Live team with some great images to help them promote the next event.

A year ago, I would have run screaming from the room with so many people there, but apart from a little confidence wobble on the way over, I enjoyed what turned out to be a long, tiring, but very enjoyable day.

A very hearty pat on the back for the organisers and I very much look forward to the next Olney Business Live!

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