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A Closer Look: My Core Blogging Service

You've heard about blogging, but it seems like a lot of work, doesn't it? What benefits will it bring and why should you work with me?

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My core blogging service gives you a 30-day free trial to try out what I do without spending a penny!

My core blogging service gives you a 30-day free trial to try out what I do without spending a penny!

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I've been creating blog posts for my clients since 2011. I have precisely 5,255 posts published and active on my platform and I've found that different people blog for a combination of various reasons:

One thing I need to make clear is that when you work with me, your blog runs on my server and your website runs on your web designers server. You may think this causes a conflict of interest between the two, but the truth is that as long as they are both under the same domain name then Google treats them as one.

And they are designed to do
very different things!"

Your website is your shop window and contains your products and services and information about who you are. It is designed to rank on Google and will hopefully be found during a search.

Your blog, on the other hand, is what I consider your front door. It is designed to work more with social media, but at the same time, supports your website in Google's indexes. After all, your website won't change very often, will it? Your blog changes all the time ... and Google sees this.

Of course, you can share pages of your website onto social media, and your blog posts may rank in Google, but they each have their place and are designed to support your overall domain and build your brand awareness.

When you work with me, my goal is to make things as easy as possible for you. I'll send you reminder emails 72 hours, 48 hours and 24 hours before you're due to publish. By default, if I don't hear from you then I 'recycle' an existing blog post for that week.

My clients spend an average of just 20 minutes a week jotting down their raw thoughts!"

What I call 'raw thoughts' are just that. Don't worry about spelling or grammar, it's literally a brain dump on a particular subject you're an expert in. Open up a new email message, put a working title in the subject line then start typing. You'd be surprised how quickly you'll get it done, especially if you put an appointment in your diary to write at the same time every week.

If you're super busy, and may not have the time or the inclination to even jot down your raw thoughts, I can write generalist blog posts for you. If you respond to my reminder emails with "Hey Steffi, can you write something about ..." then I will. If you can send a couple of URLs of news articles on the subject, well, that will make my life a lot easier and allow me to focus in better in what you want me to write about.

The morning before publication is when I create your blog post for you. Whether I've written the words or you have, a blog post needs many SEO tweaks and, of course, has to have perfect spelling and grammar throughout.

I also source a suitable stock image for each blog post, and although that costs, it's built into your monthly subscription, so there's no extra charge to you. This picture is used in your blog post and on social media when it's published.

Once I've finished your blog post for you, I'll email you to let you know where to find it, and you can approve it and/or suggest changes. It also gets sent to my external checkers so we can all be sure that it's perfect in every way.

"The next morning, I'm at my desk at 8am, publishing all of that day's new blog posts and sharing them on social media!"

The three standard platforms I use are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn although I also share to a monthly Pinterest board. I reshare your blog post again early evening and then over the next seven days. I'll also feature you in that day's Steffi Show!

You will get plenty of human visitors to your blog posts and you can log in to your dashboard to track those visitors. If you've got a talented web designer, you can use your blog's RSS feed to get links to your latest blog posts to automatically appear on your website's homepage. Google will notice that too and boost your domain's search engine ranking because it sees your homepage changing each week as new blog posts are published.

There's also a sharing page available once you log in so that you can reshare any of your blog posts to your social channels anytime you like and see how many human visitors have visited your posts.

So are there any downsides to blogging?"

No, but there are four possible objections I receive from potential new clients. I can give a positive answer to each one that usually makes them go "oh yeah, now I understand" and I get on with blogging for them. These are:

  1. "My web designer says my blog needs to be internal to my website." My answer to that is "no, it needs to be internal to your domain". Google treats the same as because they are both subdomains of It doesn't matter to Google that they are on different servers.

  2. "I don't know if I can write every week!" Ok then, I'll write for you! Whether that's all of them or just some of them, no problem, I'm pretty flexible like that, but usually, it's an all or nothing proposition.

  3. "I'm just a ... who is going to be interested in what I say?" Well, you're the expert on you, and you've had a fascinating career, haven't you? You'll be surprised about what you can write about that would be of interest to others.

  4. "£149 a month is a lot of money!" Is it? What's your hourly rate? I bet that it's a lot higher than what I charge per blog post, and I'll even give you the fifth blog post for free on a longer month. It could take you up to five hours a week to perfect a blog post on your own. How much would that cost you when it's all added up?

So there you go. A simple way to get your brand, your knowledge and your words of wisdom out to your target audiences each week. A simple way to improve your domains SEO, a simple way to get heard over the background chatter of social media, and a simple way to build trust and prove authority. What's not to like about that?

"Would you like to know more?"

If what I've said resonates with you, and you feel you want to know more, call me on 0333 335 0420 for a no-obligation chat over a coffee, leave a comment below or use the Facebook Messenger link you can see in the bottom right corner of your screen and let's talk!

Love, light and logic ...

Blogging: the perfect marketing channel
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I'm a web designing, blog editing, article writing, email sending, social media savvy photographer and videographer type of girl, with over 21 years in the creative industries.

I'm a highly experienced ASP developer with knowledge of Windows Servers, SQL Server, HTML, Javascript, CSS and use my knowledge to create and enhance Steffi/CMS. This allows me to offer my online marketing services to my clients.

I've worked as a professional photographer in Los Angeles, USA and been a vision-mixer and producer for live television in my time. I also offer photography and video services to my clients.

Wouldn't you rather be working for your customers and clients than spending hours doing online marketing for yourself?


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