Tim Peake: British Space Hero Ventures Outside

I get excited to see the ISS moving across the United Kingdom. It's more awesome knowing that Tim Peake is up there ...

The International Space Station, a collaboration to build the most amazing permanently manned habitat in low earth orbit has paid for itself over and over by the science that's performed there.

From microgravity testing on the inside, to space exposure experiments on the outside, it's just so exciting to learn about the activities these intrepid explorers conduct day in, day out, all in the name of science and moving our civilisation forward.

And yes, they are true explorers. Although the ISS makes space as safe as it can be, there is always a massive amount of danger, not only in getting there, but in living there and getting home again.

Although there have been a number of British citizens who moved to the United States and became citizens, then became astronauts, the first 'official' British astronaut, Major Tim Peake is now there, and even conducted a space walk as week which, I think, is the ultimate achievement for anyone who wants to go into space.

Tim, and fellow astronaut Tim Kopra went outside to make repairs on a power regulation system. After completing their primary task, Mission Control cut the excursion short as water was reported in Kopra's helmet which was a leak from his suit's coolant system and is considered quite dangerous.

The International Space Station is a proving ground for technologies that will take NASA, ESA and a whole host of other nation states beyond low earth orbit in the next few decades, and it's fantastic to think that when that bright star heads across the night sky, that one of my fellow British citizens is up there doing awesome space stuff!

Our future is 'out there'. We can't stay on Earth forever if we expect to thrive as a civilisation and it's brave people like our own Tim Peake that are leading the way and inspiring the next generation to reach for the skies themselves.

So very proud of you Tim!

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