Steve Jobs: Here's To The Crazy Ones

Apple was always the enemy in my Windows world. Then Steve Jobs started creating magical and revolutionary things ...

"All hail Bill Gates" was the mantra of the little computer dealership where I learned my trade in the late 80s. To us, Bill was the Messiah, putting personal computers everywhere and fueling our business.

"This geeky girl got indoctrinated, and she got it really good!"

I never paid much attention to Apple back then. They eventually ousted founder Steve and lost the plot for a while. He came back after playing with NeXT and building Pixar, started doing all sorts of clever stuff like inventing the iPod and changed the music industry forever. Then he went and created something that completely blew my mind.

Yes, it was magical and revolutionary and something all die-hard Trekkies had wanted since watching Captain Picard using something similar on The Next Generation. It was the iPad! And Apple immediately had a convert.

Over the space of a couple of years, my inner entrepreneur came to see Steve Jobs, not as the Antichrist anymore but as the saviour of technology; a visionary who gave people well designed, functional and desirable products. He took boring technology and made it exciting again.

Ok, I waited for the iPad2 before I became a Fangrrl, then succumbed to an iPhone as well, so completely joined the Cult Of Jobs. I have to say though, I wouldn't change my iStuff for anything. It just all works!

What did you think of him? Was he a visionary? Did he just turn useful technology into shiny, expensive toys or did he focus it and define the markets? What's next for Apple as they look to create the next magical and revolutionary iDevice?

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