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About My Blogging Service

The very heart of what I do. Send me your raw thoughts by email or let me know a subject and I'll write the whole thing for you. Whichever way you prefer, you'll get a finished, polished blog post published for you each and every week!

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How it works

I make the production of finished, polished blog posts as simple as possible and only require, at most, 20-minutes of your valuable time each week.

About My Blogging Service

I'll build you a custom blog using my Steffi/CMS platform

About My Blogging Service

Then send you regular email reminders to get writing!

About My Blogging Service

Jot down your raw thoughts and email them over to me

About My Blogging Service

I'll edit your words for spelling, grammar and SEO

About My Blogging Service

And find an eye-catching licensed image to go with it

About My Blogging Service

I'll add all the bells & whistles to turn it into a blog post

About My Blogging Service

And publish it on your blog the very next morning!

About My Blogging Service

I'll share it, you share it, many of my other clients share it!

About My Blogging Service

Then you respond to comments, phone calls and emails!

As blog post editing is done on the morning before publication, there's plenty of time for you to approve the finished blog post. If you require any changes, just let me know!

What if I don't want to write?

If you can't find the time, the inspiration or the inclination to write then I'll do it for you! Many of my clients prefer me to do the whole thing for them, but do remember, I'm not you so it will be a more generalist blog post.

About My Blogging Service

I'll send you regular email reminders to get you thinking!

About My Blogging Service

You email me an idea, bullet points, a blog post or news article URL

About My Blogging Service

I'll write the whole thing, ensuring no plagiarism from the original!

It's normally an all or nothing proposition. Either my clients write all their blog posts (and I finish and polish them) or I write them all. And don't forget you are able to approve your blog posts, or suggest changes, before publication.

What does it cost?

I've put together two great offers that have everything you need to get your brand, knowledge and words of wisdom out there each week.


Send me your raw thoughts each week and I'll create finished, polished blog posts for you including fantastic licensed images to catch the readers attention!

My most popular business blogging package!

per month


Give me an idea of what you want me to write about each week, send me bullets, or a blog post/new article URL, and I'll get the whole thing sorted for you!

My best value business blogging package!

per month

Working with me is on a month-by-month basis. Pay for a month, get a month's worth of services. No long contract, just one month's notice to quit, though I recommend an initial 6-months so you can be sure it's working for you.

Payment via direct debit on 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st or 28th of each month depending on when you start in the month. There is no VAT due on any of my services at this time.

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