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My name is Steffi Lewis and I'm a blogger and web designer celebrating 21 years in the Internet industry. I create blogs and websites for a simple monthly fee. I work with startups, SMEs and the self-employed ...

Steffi Lewis

I help them to develop and maintain the best possible web and social media presence using the very latest technologies and techniques available.

From a standalone blog, through simple static five page websites, to a dynamically changing system with weekly blogging built in, testimonials and sales messages, whatever you need, I can offer you a great solution!

I work on a monthly subscription basis (just like the 'software as a service' you get from bigger companies), so there's just one fee to remember. There's a minimum term of twelve months and then it's just a month's notice either side.

All edits and changes are included (so you don't need to learn yet another editorial system) and are made within 48 hours of submission.

My weekly blogging service (edited or ghostwritten) means you can display regular, fresh content on social media, attracting visitors to your blog/website, reinforcing why you're the best at what you do!

"Steffi has massively increased my blog readership!"

John Wade

Whatever you need: a standalone blog, a website, a website with a blog in it or any of those techy things like email, domain names, newsletters or one to one social media training, after 21 years in the Internet industry, you can trust me to get it right.

Call today on 01908 711600 or click here to ping over an email and let's arrange a coffee and a chat to find out exactly what you need.


John Wade says ...

John Wade

"Steffi has massively increased my blog readership and it's so easy to use! She goes out of her way to help and is always improving her service. Highly recommended!"

Celebrating 21 years of web design, development and blogging

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